Am I a geek or a nerd?

What am I doing here?

I’m not sure which I am…a geek is any smart person with an obsessive interest, a nerd is the same but also lacks social grace. The number of days I lack social grace is really more than I would like. The reality is that when I get interested in something I go all out. My two constants are my efforts to improve classroom instruction and my efforts to improve my triathlon performance. Which is easier? Alot of days the triathlon…I do what the coach says when she says it and generally the results are there. Doesn’t work that way with schools. So which is it?

The Geek in me is a history education consultant in SE Michigan working with 21 school districts. I mostly provide professional development for the k-12 social studies teachers, but I also work on school improvement issues, foreign language (soooo not my field…), and dabble in assessments. I’ve had to do things I don’t like (create multiple choice tests because we NEED DATA) and things I love (long-term learning communities for teachers, established by grade and involving multiple districts–when they can share and plan and talk and show off its amazing what teachers can do!). 

The Nerd in me talks too much about education, sports, and triathlon. I can spend entirely too much time with my bike and not enough with humans. I often can’t find the words I’m looking for and end up looking like a complete dingbat  (ask Eric Foner, yes the Columbia historian and world-famous author who I managed to get a sit down with only to show off the dead battery in my laptop).  I’ve been described as a multitasker, but its all a front for being easily distracted.


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