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My Favorite on Diane Rehm!
September 9, 2010, 11:27 am
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Yesterday’s Diane Rehm show focused on education reform and included an interview with Arne Duncan as well as a panel discussion including Frederick Hess, my favorite education blogger. Click on the link to listen yourself.

Most Annoying Moment: When Arne Duncan mentions how “creative and innovative” the RTT applications were. I’m not saying there weren’t good ideas, but have you seen some of the statements in the RTT apps? Like this one from Florida’s application:

purposeful collaboration and leadership among all participants and stakeholders within the education community and in the wider community of our citizens and leaders”

Hmm, very innovative, collaboration and leadership are very creative and innovative…

He then states he wants to “do right by children.” This phrase just bugs me. It’s a variation of “for the kids” and its like saying “I need oxygen to live” in that it’s totally obvious. I feel like people who say it are trying trump their critics with the uncriticizeable statements.

Favorite Moment: When a caller at the end of the show asked who on the panel had experience in a classroom and only Frederick Hess was able to say yes, he was a public high school teacher and an education professor. The other two panelists, Alyson Klein, a staff writer for Education Week, and Cynthia Brown, the vice president for education policy at the Center for American Progress did not have classroom experience.

If nothing else, an entertaining way to spend an hour later today…


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