Am I a geek or a nerd?

June 6, 2010, 7:00 pm
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I ran across this story today and while its totally unrelated to curriculum or triathlon or failures of Michigan  (you know, my usual nonsense), it is something I feel strongly about. I’ve been the unhealthily thin “pile of paper clips” and I’ve been the chubby girl too. My battles on both ends are partly what sparked my interest in triathlon which is really just a healthier obsession than frenetic dieting or mindless bingeing. Anyway, enough about my neuroses…

So Lane Bryant has a market, and that market buys underwear, and LB of course create ads for that market. Just like, oh, say, Victoria’s Secret. You know, the super provocative angels in their panties ads? Yeah, those. Well, it seems that the networks like the VS ads, but aren’t so excited about the LB ads, citing them as too revealing to show on Dancing With The Stars (have they seen DWTS? Pam Anderson’s cleavage was one recent star). I don’t need to point out the incredible hypocrisy here, nor do I want to engage in a discussion of how media and pop culture influence our girls and boys. Its one of those arguments that can’t be won, like the death penalty/life in prison, or tastes great/less filling.

In any case, the best ever rebuttal is this video.


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