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Late again….
May 17, 2010, 2:48 pm
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What’s with the no posting lately? I’m busy, but not more than usual. I’m feeling the tension in the office due to the retirement package, but I’m not even close to retiring. My PD offerings are winding down, so there’s no excuse there. I just haven’t had myself up in arms about education stuff lately. Not that there aren’t things to be up in arms about. I3 for one. MI Legislature taking its sweet time is another. Teachers not showing up for PD (what do you call it when teachers are so unmotivated they’d rather just lose the money, CEUs, materials, and the knowledge) makes three things. Or how about a Social Studies Advisory meeting that happens online (so you can sit in your pajamas is you want, at your own house, on your own couch) and only has 4 attendees. That’s right, 4.  Makes a girl wonder what she’s doing wrong. or why she does it at all.

Lets talk World Languages for a minute. I don’t speak another language so well as to think I can talk to teachers about doing it well. My Spanish is rudimentary at best. My Italian consists of ‘vino bianco’ and ‘grazi’ and ‘prego’ and ‘bucatini amatriciana.’ I can read Turkish, and by read I mean pronounce. I don’t know what the words mean, but I can say all of them–its a very phonetic language. So knowing that my resume includes this limited language skill you would probably want me to be the consultant that will “support the development of global education and world language acquisition, …development of curriculum, sequencing of studies…, guidelines for credit…, development of proficiency assessments, and programs dedicated to giving students a sense of international mindedness.” Of course, I would do the same thing!! So I’m determining my next steps with this new responsibility. I spoke with my boss and made it clear that this would require contracting with people who know how to do these things for World Languages. I’m going to create a Google Group discussion area for teacher to meet. I’ll try to create a World Languages Advisory group and perhaps a Global Education Activities group. But I must admit, I’m feeling a bit lost…


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