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TAH Grants, Conference Calls, and Chinese, Oh my!
March 12, 2010, 12:10 pm
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today’s bag of  stuff:

TAH Grant: Could there be a more challenging application? How can one effectively separate Project Design from Quality of Project and not sound either confusing (because you aren’t repeating yourself) or moronic  (because you have repeated yourself first in explaining the format and then in explaining the format again while you try to say why it will work)?  When did everyone get so greedy? We’ve go a museum that came in 10s of thousands higher than others for the same tasks. A university that wants $45K to present AND wants more to give credits (and here I was thinking that when I paid for a class I got the presentations and the credits…). Its like they hear TAH and the ka-ching at the same time.

Conference Calls: next time, set this up before hand, then you won’t look like a dingbat.

Chinese, or World Languages in general: While I can appreciate this being a in important graduation requirement and fully support students learning second languages, I’m not sure the state of Michigan has selected the best time to require this of all graduates. I’ve been asked (told) to serve on a committee to design “affordable and sustainable” world language programs for out locals. Um, our locals are laying off teachers by the dozens, boosting class  sizes, dumping specials, and have just been informed of another $165 per pupil cut. Perhaps I should try turning water into wine, or better yet, air in to money (but I sure would enjoy the wine…)

And lets not forget the peak training hours I’m getting into: 3 hour 30 min ride tomorrow, plus 5 mile run, then 13 miles on sunday. Pool sprints this morning…cycle lab last night…I swear if I don’t qualify for World’s I’ll wrap that $3000 carbon fiber bike around the closest tree and became a TV watching, bon bon eating, fat bottomed girl.

Enjoy your friday!


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