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I spoke too soon about my training hours…
February 18, 2010, 11:42 am
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I should know better than to say things about triathlon training (like I did here).  As soon as I do that, things of course get harder and I regret pointing out to anyone how much easier A or B or C is than D or E or F. Case in point: this week’s schedule.  Its my longest week in several months and its very clear we are getting to the meaty part of this training cycle, but since we still haven’t started bricks (that’s when you bike and run in immediate succession as a workout, not a race) I know its going to get worse…

Monday: Day off. That’s not good. It usually means ‘rest up sister, I’m about to give you a beat down’

Tuesday: Swim 3000 yards (included the dreaded tennis ball drill) and bike 60 minutes (with 3 sets of 10 minutes in my hardest gear)–okay, not so bad

Wednesday: run 45 minutes, with 8×30 second sprints peppered in, lift wts for 30 minutes and bike ‘easy’ for 60 minutes–again, by itself not so bad, but my legs were feeling yesterday

Thursday: swim 3000 yards with gigantic paddles and hard too (my arms feel like lead now) and bike 90 minutes at the cycle lab included 3×15 minute sets at tempo pace (harder than a long race, easier than a short one…)–not at all looking forward to this sweaty group workout in the basement of Fraser Bicycle.

Friday: have mercy, only 60 minutes of running and 30 minutes of wts.

Saturday: here it comes…2 hours and 30 minutes on the indoor bike trainer, with alternating 20 minute sets of hard and easy–honestly, way harder mentally than physically, 150 minutes of going nowhere…

Sunday: 90 minute run, with the stupid sprints mixed in.

Its Thursday and I’m 5+ hours into the 12+ hour week and I’m pooped. Hungry and pooped. It’s not the workouts so much as the combination of the workouts with my efforts to correlate assessment questions with HSCEs, load them into Data Director, edit Unit 6 of US History with Amy, finish writing Unit 3 of Civics with Amy and two teachers, and complete our 25 page narrative for the Teaching American History Grant I’m sure we won’t get…

I’m going to give it all up and sell shoes. Or maybe I’ll go back to school and learn how to grow grapes. Or maybe I’ll be an illegal immigrant in Italy and make money as an under the table tour guide.

Or maybe I’ll just get back to work.


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