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Crying While Training?
January 9, 2010, 12:47 pm
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Tip for the future: don’t watch movies that make you cry while working out on the bike trainer, your heartrate will jump and you won’t be able to breath.

The first long ride of this training cycle was this morning. I hesitate to call it long, as 75 minutes is a drop in the bucket compared to what where I’ll end this cycle, but I’ve not done a ride over an hour since my last race, in September. An hour on the trainer is a snap, you can flip through channels for an hour and tolerate the spinning place, but once I’m past an an hour I need some further distraction. Movies are best, action movies are really the best (give me Jason Statham all day!! seriously, the prison race car movie? best trainer ride of the year!) but today I opted to watch Up. I really loved this movie and it has an extra special spot in my heart since JAG gave me my very own Ellie Badge for Christmas. He even made it himself, searching for grape soda with a cap that said ‘Grape’ in big enough letters.

Anyway, I watched Up. And I cried. When Carl meets Ellie. When they get married. When they paint their mailbox. When they can’t have babies. When Ellie dies. When Carl misses her. And on and on. Really, not the best workout!!

Todays Bag of Stuff:

  • MC3 meeting agenda not completed during our conference call yesterday, much left to resolve regarding partnerships, writing, editing, etc
  • Long rides on the trainer start today, when is spring?
  • Can I lose 7 pounds by the Lonestar 70.3 race in April?
  • Will it matter?
  • Is one of my friends and colleagues mad at me or am I being egotistical when I think her problem must be me?
  • Can I get blood from a stone? thinking through how to ask for more money for the curriculum project
  • Can you replace a hard wood floor from 1928 and have it look the same?
  • How much energy should I put into rethinking the middle school curriculum and pretests for the high school?
  • I’m stupid cold right now, even with my Sorels and blanketish sweater on, when is spring?
  • Should I do work work on Saturdays? Or should I go to a movie?

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